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6 Steps to Overcome Discouragement



Do you set a goal, work really hard on it… run into a few setbacks and get discouraged. Discouragement is so easy to fall into. I believe we live in this instant gratification world, and when we don’t get to our goals quickly or we hit obstacles we can be derailed, want to quick, or even feel like a failure. Then those negative voices start rising up in our heads… and often we believe these voices over the ones that said LET’S DO THIS.

So today, I wanted to share 6 quick steps to help you overcome your discouragements and really stay focused for the long term of what you want to achieve.

1. REALIZE IT. The first step to overcoming discouragement is to really start to notice the patterns and the feelings you get when you start feeling discouraged. ADMIT it to yourself what is going on. The sooner you start realizing that the signs of discouragement you can work on changing the course of your focus and get you back on track. It’s ok to admit it, we ALL get discouraged, it’s not the end of the world or the end of your goal and BE OK with these feelings.

2. CALL IT OUT. Yes, that is right. You just noticed the feelings of discouragement stepping up in your brain, go NAME IT AND OWN IT. Say it out-loud. I FEEL YOU DISCOURAGEMENT. Create a positive affirmation to work to help you immediate overcome it. I feel you discouragement, but you will not derail me. I know you are coming discouragement, but I am going to kick you to the curb quickly. OWN these feelings and let your brain know this is only temporary and you are going to CONTROL these thoughts and they will not control you and your actions. By doing so, you are taking the power away from the feelings of discouragement and putting the powers of accomplishments back into your mindset.

3. Just ACCEPT IT. Again, we ALL go through bouts of discouragement. It’s ok to get frustrated. Maybe take a break. Review the situation a little bit. Give yourself a little time (not to long) to let it just be ok. But, just don’t let it OVERWHELM your inner feelings. Make a journal of all you did accomplish. Start writing out the positives you achieved. Be ready to review what you are doing right so you again can change out that mindset quickly with… I know you are here and trying to bring me down, but look what I did already.

4. Chat with a friend/mentor. Now that you know you are discouraged, you accept it and reviewed it. Call a friend. Chat with them about your feelings. It’s ok to vent them out. Discuss why you are having them. Maybe sit with someone that “gets it” and work on brainstorming the next plan to move forward. I love having a mentor or a friend on the same journey with me. Often when I am high on my goals that is when they feel discouraged. I know I can lift them up and overcome their discouragement when they need help. BUT… it goes the other ways, often when I am discouraged they are feeling the high. Hanging with that positive energy can help kick those feelings aside even more. Walk away with an immediate action plan of something you can do to move forward to starting to feel better and back on track.

5. Go out and help someone else. You know the best way to get out of a pity party we have in our brains… Helping someone else. Maybe volunteer at a soup kitchen. Do something nice for a homeless person. Help a friend you know is struggling in their life. But when you can GIVE yourself to others, you will instantly feel better. And… sometimes you realize that your problem isn’t that big in the grand scheme of life and you can and will overcome it.

6. Finally LET IT GO. If you worked through the above steps, you should be able to say … it’s time to say goodbye and get back to focusing on the bigger vision of your goals. What can and will you do today to get back on track and feel better about moving forward? Take time to learn from it, but make sure to wipe yourself clean and let it go so you can move on.

7. BONUS – Focus on your growth. You know I am a huge fan of personal development. Always learning and growing. During down times when I am feeling really low and discouraged, I tend to pick up a good book. Listen to audio that inspires me. I focus and add a little more time into my life of personal growth. Just flood my mind with the positivity so it reminds itself, you are smarter, stronger, better, a winner, an achiever, a success. Feed your mind with what it needs to hear, more encouragement. The more it hears, the more it accepts it and the faster discouragement goes away.

Remember… Everyone goal has ups and downs, just like a rollercoaster. Keep riding through the lows knowing that next high is around the corner. You got this. I’d love to hear your tips, how do you overcome discouragement. Share with me on my Facebook page. Let’s start a conversation. See you there.

Have a fabulous and successful day.
Create An Amazing Life of YOUR DREAMS

~ Heather Buchman


I mentor women who are looking to get started on their path to being their own CEO. I want to help you reach your personal goals for financial & time freedom. If you are looking to get started and don’t know how/where to start, then CLICK HERE and let’s see if I can help you out. Looking forward to speaking to you soon.

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Is Fear Of Success Real?



This morning I did a quick video (watch it here) to talk about one of the main things I believe that stops us from reaching our goals… That is FEAR. One of the many fears I mentioned is Fear of Success. Many people don’t even realize this is a TRUE fear that stops us.

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Using Trello for my Business & Life



I have been hearing about Trello for awhile from other bloggers and how they find it super helpful for content management. I never really “got it” and figured my bullet journal planner would be good enough. I get an idea, I put it on my list, why do I need an app for that? But, then I heard someone shared some tips how she uses Trello, and a light bulb went off. I had to try it.

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4 Tips to Successful Business Networking


Are you trying to grow your business by networking? First time going to an event and maybe you don’t know anyone, so you feel like the new kid in school? Nervous, not sure what to say or do? Try these few tips to help you have a successful event.

1. Introduce Yourself. Just go for it. Don’t be nervous to interrupt a chat. You’re new, give yourself permission to say hi, introduce yourself and ask their names too.

2. Remember Names. Try hard to remember a person’s name. We all value it. So as they introduce themselves, really listen. Then a few minutes later try and repeat their name back so you remember it more. Write the name down when you can. And throughout the meeting, test yourself. Look around the room and say their names in your head. Before you go say it was nice meeting you Sam.

3. Ask Questions. Don’t be afraid to ask important questions. You’re not bothering someone if you can find a way to mutually help each other. You do that by asking questions to get to know them.

4. Start Relationships. If you can connect with people who can help you out, invite them for coffee, happy hour. Continue to build a trusting relationship.

Now go out and make new connections and grow your business today. Have a great networking tip you want to share? We’d love to hear it. Leave a note in the comment, or stop by Facebook and join the conversation there.

Have a wonderful day.

Create An Amazing Life of YOUR DREAMS.

~ Heather Buchman


Are you looking for a coach? I mentor women get started on their path to being their own CEO, and to reach your personal goals for financial & time freedom. If you are looking to get started and don’t know how/where to start, then CLICK HERE and let’s see if I can help you out. Looking forward to speaking to you soon

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5 Tips to Getting Found in the You Economy World



In the world of the You Economy, everything is changing and opportunities exist for everyone that never really were seen before. Millennials are stepping up how we think of and do things. Look at some of the BIG names in today’s markets and think of how these are companies are taking New Actions and disrupting what we “knew” of as how things were done in the past within their industries.

Here are a few tips on How to be Found in Business in the You Economy World we are living in.
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Commercial Break Get Moving Challenge



You ever want something and you work really hard on it, make progress and then one day stop doing what you need to do to be successful. Then, you seem to fall farther back then where you started? Now, you know where you “want to be” and you really do know how to get there, but that getting started can be really hard. It’s like holding you stuck for some reason.

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