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What is Your Audience Talking About



WOW. I just learned a new tip about Facebook FAN Pages that I had to share with you. You can create a Facebook newsfeed with stuff you REALLY want to know and learn about. Totally customized to you. Think about how you could use this, say you have a hobby…. Cooking Paleo. You want to learn all about the best recipes, new cookbooks, latest product that comes out. Instead of constantly seeking out all that information on the web in your niche, how would you like it all to immediately be showing up in your timeline?

Now… What if you had a business around Paleo Cooking? How could this help you? You can stay up to what’s relevant and trending. You can see what others are doing talking about. This could give you valuable information to research more into or share on your website. Or you could simple find maybe a recipe from someone else that you know your audience would love, so you can repost it for content on your page. It’s your chance to listen to what people are talking about (what’s trending) in a certain area, and start sharing more of that to your audience. WOW… Can you see the possibilities here with a customized timeline??

Let’s talk about how to create a customized Facebook Newsfeed for your niche or interest.

1. First you need to create a Facebook Fanpage. Think about your Topic you want to see in your feed and go ahead and create a page… I will refer you to FACEBOOK for setting it up, so start here. Let’s for this example say I want a newsfeed purely about Paleo Cookbook. At the link I just shared, I might start at Brand/Product and pick a Food/Beverage Category. Then Facebook simply walks you through the set up process. It’s really that easy. Note, you can have as many FAN pages as you want. So if you want to learn more about a favorite TV show, you can set up a second page and repeat this process. See the ENDLESS possibilities here.


2. Now you want to search out pages that you want to follow. Then LIKE them as your page. How you do this… Search “Paleo” in your search bar and find pages that interest you. Go to that page. Where you would normally LIKE it as you on your personal timeline… there is a MORE button next to that LIKE button. Click that, then pick the option LIKE AS MY PAGE. Find as many other pages as you can in your niche or on your topic, and just LIKE them.


3. To see your new timeline. Go back to your page. Now that you LIKED all these pages on your topic/niche, you want to see what they are talking about. On the right side of your FAN Page, is box with a link “See Pages Feed”. If you click this, it will bring up a new customized all the posts of all the pages you liked.


BOOM. There you go. You have it. You just created a 100% customized timeline of your likes and interest. You can follow politics, tv shows, your favorite hobbies, your favorite band… oh the possibilities are endless. And you can create a separate FAN Page for each topic if you want (that is a lot of pages to Admin though, just FYI). But, from a business standpoint you can follow other pages in your niche and see what they are talking about and offering their audience. You can see what their audience likes or is asking about. It helps you figure out what’s trending, gives you ideas what to share or repost on your page. Can you see how this is helpful and beneficial to you and your business? If so, leave me a comment here or on my Facebook page and let me know. I want to keep bringing you valuable tips to growing your business.

I learned this Facebook tip from the free resource video business library. You can learn this tip in much more detail plus SO much more useful information to grow your business. Sign up today to grab your access to this library too. Did I say, its free. —-> Sign up here.

Create An Amazing Life of YOUR DREAMS.

~ Heather Buchman


Are you looking for a coach? I mentor women get started on their path to being their own CEO, and to reach your personal goals for financial & time freedom. If you are looking to get started and don’t know how/where to start, then CLICK HERE and let’s see if I can help you out. Looking forward to speaking to you soon.

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How to overcome life’s obstacles



Gosh… this month is flying by right. I had all good intentions of reaching out to you earlier this month, but between vacations, being sick… life just simply “got in the way” of my good intentions. Has this ever happened to you? I am sure it has.

See… I believe we all have a mission and goals we “want to achieve” in life, but life is super busy, crazy, hectic and never goes quiet as planned. No matter how much I filling my planner, create my to do list…. someone ALWAYS throws a rock at me that changes my day/week. It’s ok. That’s life.

But… that had me thinking. What keeps me going on my goals and dreams instead of just letting life interrupt them?

It’s my MINDSET. I love Monday’s and call them my Monday Motivation days. It is the time of the week where I stop and simply reflect on what I accomplished in the previous week, this month, this year… and were I am going. I know rocks and bumps are part of my journey, and I get that and am strong enough to overcome those. BUT…. that took time to create for me and here is why things shifted for me. I want to share my story because I may help you too.

I use to be an engineer (before I retired to work for myself) and I loved what I did, I just didn’t love the stresses of the day to day job. What I was always encouraged to do what that fun stuff called “continuing education.” You know, take classes, learn and study on a subject I might not be really interested in to better myself for my job. BLAH. I hated the thought of going back to school, studying and taking more classes… so I was like that kid you had to force to do homework every night. Except I was basically battling myself and my “parents” making me do it was my boss.

But, I realized… I actually LOVE to learn and grow. I am passionate about picking up books on subjects I WANT to learn about. Because I knew I could grow in all areas of my life and that made me happy. I never “understood” that with my job. I was burnt out, stressed, tired and just wanted to go home after a long day and unwind. The thought of reading more on a subject I do all day was dreadful. When I found things I was passionate about… learning about them became easier. I desired to grab books, take classes, go to seminars, listen to tapes in the car. It was subjects that interested me. Like… I wanted to learn about savings and investing (so boring to read), but I read it because I was interested. I wanted to learn about marketing, so I took classes. These are all things that interested me.

Today, I wanted to pass on this tip. If you hate to read/learn…. My thought is you probably are forcing yourself to learn about something that isn’t in your passion. Stop forcing yourself to learn something you aren’t interested in and start learning more about what you want to achieve and where you want to go. Creating a mindset of learning something new everyday that will set you up for success. Then when your boss asks you to take a class (a bump in your road), you’ll be more open to it because it is one more thing you are filling your mind with that makes you better overall. Build a library full of many topics, and watch yourself grow inside. It’s amazing how as you take time to become a better you, you will naturally not be derailed on your journey to reach your goals by “life” quiet as easily or quickly. Your whole thought process changes.

I want to quickly share a few of my favorite books that helped me get started. These books encouraged me to read more on various topics, but started me on the path to seeking success. I hope you will add all or at least some of these to your library (books on tape (CD) are the bomb-diggity. You can learn so much by putting a book in your car and listening to them as you drive to work/around town.

Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson. – Doing the little things everyday that lead to success or failure. It’s the moment by moment decisions we do that lead us to where we want to go.

Success Principles by Jack Canfield. – Simple daily things we should think about, consider, and put in action to help lead us closer to where we want to go.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. – He interviewed so many successful people and put their tips into a single book. Why wouldn’t I want to know what everyone through history has basically done to reach their goals. (Note… I love the Mastermind Version of the book, it just seems “easier to read”.)

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. – Simple morning habits you can implement to start your day off on the right foot to push you closer to your goals.

The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achors – That Happiness LEADS to Success and not the reverse old school thought of Success leads to Happiness. His simple steps to helping us achieve more happiness in our life.

These are my top 5 books I recommend for you to start getting bast “life’s little obstacles” and on track with your goals. I know there are tons of others I can recommend if you are ever interested. Have a favorite… please let me know. stop by Facebook and share them with me. I am on a mission to push my goals to close the year strong. I didn’t forget my resolutions, did you?… I would love for you to join me. Let’s do this together, no matter what your goal. Join our free, online support group and let’s get to close out 2016 as best as we can and start 2017 strong. Join our free group now, just click here to let me know you are READY. See ya there.

As always, thank you SO much for being a part of my amazing community. I’m inspired by you every single day.

Create An Amazing Life of YOUR DREAMS.

~ Heather Buchman


Blog: HeatherBuchman.com

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** Just to be clear and honest…This blog may contain affiliate links. If you click on them and do decide to order, I may earn a small commission for sharing it with you today. But… I only ever recommend products I use and love.

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Stop Asking for Permission


Stop Asking For

Welcome to a new month. New month should give you time to stop and reflect on the past month. It’s that chance to ask yourself… How did I do with moving towards my goal? Did I push hard enough and see progress or did I slack off and then ask why?

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Creating a Blog – Lesson 1: What To Write About


Ready to start a blog, but don't know what to do?  Follow these tips to help get you started.

Ready to start a blog, but don’t know what to do? Follow these tips to help get you started.

Have you been considering creating a blog? You have a message you want to share with the world, but just not sure how to do start a blog? I am going to be re-launching my blog shortly (super excited for it.), and wanted to share with you tips I am learning along my journey to re-discovering my passion for writing and sharing. I thinking blogging is pretty awesome. It’s great just to share a message you have, get thoughts out of your head and down, build a business and grow your audience, make an impact in the world, create a journal of your life or of your kids as they grow …. There are SO many reasons to blog. But, the first and most important tip… is you GOT TO LOVE TO WRITE and LOVE WHAT YOU ARE WRITING ABOUT. If you aren’t a writer or have a love to learn and grow and share something, maybe blogging isn’t for you. But, I am assuming you are reading this because you ready to start a blog and want some tips to help get you started and building an audience. I want to share a mini series to help get you started in the world of blogging and build your resource library.
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What are my Whole 30 results?



I did it.  I stuck through the whole 30 days of the Whole 30 program.  My friends and family have been following my journey on Facebook and I got asked everyday… Am I losing weight, seeing a difference….  This is my quick summary of the last 30 days.
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3 Tips to Get People Coming to You



Struggling to get your business booming and getting people interested in what you are doing?  I have 3 tips I really believe that if you look at and start implementing daily will get you to gain a following of people.  This is especially true if you are new or starting a home based business and feel like you have been struggling to gain momentum.

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